Irving, TX – August 22, 2023 – Wellfit® Technologies, Inc., (Wellfit), a healthcare technology platform that provides streamlined dental financing, discount plans and payment processing, announces its partnership with the Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO).  Through this affinity benefit partnership, Wellfit will offer ADSO members a tailored version of its patient financing platform, empowering dental practices to provide patients with accessible and convenient financing solutions.  Wellfit’s commitment to supporting DSOs and their offices in driving patient loyalty and revenue growth sets Wellfit’s Financing MarketPlace solution apart.

The Financing MarketPlace solution offers patient financing through a single, easy-to-use platform. By utilizing this platform, dental offices can seamlessly provide patients with real-time financing solutions, thereby improving their overall experience while increasing office revenue.

A key advantage of the Financing MarketPlace is its lower turn-down rate when compared to alternative financial options.  Additionally, the platform utilizes a soft credit check to pre-qualify, and a completely digital application process, eliminating the need for office staff to engage in uncomfortable financing discussions with patients.  By embracing this intuitive, patient-led process, office staff can focus on other essential tasks and attend to patients’ needs more efficiently.

With the Wellfit Financing MarketPlace, patients can receive the necessary treatment without financial barriers, while dental offices benefit from next-day funding as soon as the loan is accepted, and treatment commences. Decisions are made instantly, and patients can conveniently accept loans via text, establishing a smooth financial relationship between the lender and patient. The Wellfit Financing MarketPlace is accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

“We are excited to join forces with ADSO to bring this customized patient financing solution to its members,” said Fulton Collins, Wellfit CEO. “Our solution’s emphasis on patient convenience and office efficiency aligns with the objectives of dental practices associated with ADSO. Together, we will provide a top-notch financing solution that fosters patient loyalty and office growth.”

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