Financing MarketPlace

Our financing process is lightning-fast, giving your patients the green light to start treatment right away.

Core Financing MarketPlace Features

Patient-Led Process

Our Financing MarketPlace is designed to empower patients with a seamless experience and multiple financing options. Our technology ensures the loan is funded to the dentist office within 24 hours of application.

Multiple Lenders

Multiple lenders ensure your patients get the most competitive rates and increased approval.

Payment Arrangements

Simplify installment payment plans to the dental provider, for patients that are not approved by lenders.

FMP calc
Calculate Your Savings When Using Wellfit's Financing Options  
Your Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) as a percentage Typical market MDR is ~11%
MDR = Transaction Amount x Rate
Your Monthly Loan Volume Typical monthly loan volume ~$15,000
Monthly MDR Costs
Annual MDR Costs
Monthly Savings Using Wellfit
Annual Savings Using Wellfit

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