Dental Plans

With our customizable dental plans, dentists and DSOs can create a dental plan for patients to access the care they need at a discounted price. Plus, our transparent pricing model means that patients can see exactly what they’ll pay upfront for care without any hidden fees or surprises.

Core Dental Plan Features

Clear, easily understood upfront pricing

Transparency and pricing for patients builds trust. All membership and discount dental plan fee schedules are created in partnership with you. There are no surprises or hidden fees.

Customizable plans

Whether it’s a Membership or Discount Dental Plan, we offer customizable, flexible, regulatory compliant plans that meet your unique needs. Empowers you to design and market your own plan, giving you control and visibility over your dental practice.

Regulatory compliant

Our licensed and compliant discount dental plans meet regulatory standards, so you can be assured that you have a partner who is licensed to support your plan.

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