What's the big problem we solve?

Payment complexities associated with traditional benefit plans leave
Patients & Providers confused about what’s covered & the associated costs.

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Patients are confused with what’s covered & often walk away from needed treatment
as a result.

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Providers are often confused about patient benefits and frustrated with payment processes and disparate systems..


We EMPOWER patients.
We ENABLE providers.

We simplify the understanding of your benefits & accelerate your entire payment process.

Easy to understand plan benefits
Knowledge & transparency of treatment costs
Solutions for paying for treatment


Employers provide heroic healthcare!

We help employers save money & get the credit they deserve for
providing benefits that work heroically well!


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Lower cost of benefits!


We're all about
transparency & trust. 

The entire billing process is on one simple platfo

96,000 +

$100,000 + 

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Our mission is simple:
We build healthcare technology that eliminates payment complexities between patients and providers.


The Right Fit

We believe transparency leads to trust and trust leads to great relationships

Everyone on our team brings varying & valuable perspectives, but we share the common motivation to build strong & transparent relationships.  Whether that’s with our team, partners and or those we all work so hard to serve -- providers, patients and employers. We believe transparency leads to trust and trust leads to great relationships.

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Looking for a new challenge &
the chance to make a difference?


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