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What We Do

Wellfit provides an integrated technology platform that simplifies operations, offers better payment options, and enhances experiences between patients, providers, employers, and payors.

Membership & Discount Dental Plans

Patients and dentists understand the exact cost of care for each patient and what’s covered the moment the patient needs it.

Financing Marketplace & Payment Arrangements

An accessible patient-led process affording multiple lenders and easy payment options to ensure smooth transactions and management.


Wellfit unifies payment processes onto one simple platform, eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems.

The Dental Industry’s Fintech Solution™

Our Customers

“the financing marketplace is great opportunity for patients to have control over their own financing.”
Elisa- Super User

Our Customers

“I Really like that the patient was entering their own information and I didn’t have to ask personal questions.”
Becky- Benefits Coordinator

Our Customers

“The patient was doing great with filling information, She actually changed the amount to borrow to include all treatments she needed without asking us anything. She said this is so easy!”
Dr. Wong