Sub-Merchant Supplemental Terms

If you, as a Dental Provider or Employer or other relationship, are the owner or officer of a Sub-Merchant, the following Supplemental Terms apply to you:

1.     Account.  You understand and agree that you may be required to register an Account for your business. Account registration requires you to submit to the Company certain information regarding your business, including the following:

·       Primary contact name;

·       Sub-Merchant entity legal name, and any doing business names.

·       State of domicile;

·       Sub-Merchant address and any URL;

·       Bank account information; and

·       Any other information reasonably requested by the Company for the Services.

You agree to immediately update your Account if there is any change in the foregoing information.  A Sub-Merchant’s registration for an Account and all documents received from Sub-Merchant shall constitute a “Sub-Merchant Application”.

2.     Evaluation.  The Company will review and evaluate each Sub-Merchant Application as set forth in the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement. 

3.     Payment Services.  You understand and agree that the payment services are governed by the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement and by utilizing the payment services you agree to and are bound by the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement.  If the General Terms are inconsistent with the terms of the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement, the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement shall control.  You acknowledge that all payments are conditional and subject to reversals and adjustments.  You will pay the amount of any reversal or adjustment, and any associated fees or fines, to the Company immediately upon written notice thereof.  The Company will have no liability or obligation to you with regard to reversals or adjustments and you must resolve any dispute directly with the applicable Member.  The Company will not be responsible for processing any transaction or payment if Member does not have a currently valid payment method in the Sub-Merchant Application.

3.   Administrative User.  Each Sub-Merchant must designate a Practice User who will have the ability to run reports and access general Sub-Merchant data.  The Practice User shall also be responsible for the following:


·       Designate the Dental Providers performing services at such Sub-Merchant’s location;

·       Post a fee schedule associated with each such Dental Provider;

·       Keep the Sub-Merchant account up-to-date with correct banking information, corporate name, location;

·       Monitor volume of Sub-Merchant and notify the Company immediately if volume exceeds $100,000 annually;

·       Providing any transaction related information requested by the Company from time-to-time;

·       Such other tasks allocated to Practice User by the Company from time to time.


4.   Compliance Requirements.  By using the Services, Sub-Merchant agrees to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to the Operating Regulations (as defined in the Sub-Merchant Payment Services Agreement).