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Dental Plans

Membership, Dental, and Self-Insured Employer Plans

  • Integrates with practice management system (PMS)
  • Clear, easily understood upfront pricing
  • Instant claim adjudication
  • No waiting period
  • Customizable or standardized plans
  • Ability to white-label plans
  • Regulatory compliant

Easy. Fast. Reliable.

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Financing MarketPlace

Patient-Led Process

  • Modern, easy to use platform
  • Integrated to PMS
  • Less than 6 minutes to complete
  • Every patient gets a “yes”

Multiple Lenders

  • One easy application for multiple lenders
  • Custom finance options for each patient

Payment Arrangements

  • Recurring payments with 0% interest
  • Ability to set-up recurring payment plans


Affordable pricing.




Card Processing

  • Quick, easy, and simple
  • PMS integration eliminates post back

Touchless Payments

  • QR codes and SMS payments
  • Mobile check deposits

Deposit checks with mobile app

  • Online bill pay
  • Online bill pay for out of office payments


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