The Big Problem We’re Solving

Payment complexities within traditional benefit plans leave
patients and providers confused.


Patients are confused with what’s covered and their options for affording treatment. As a result, they often walk away.

Providers are often confused about patient benefits and are frustrated with payment processes across disparate systems.

We Simplify the Understanding of Benefits and Accelerate the Entire Payment Process


Patients understand the cost of care and what’s covered the moment they need it.

Clear and upfront costs

More payment options

Care when it’s needed (no waiting periods)

More trust with their providers

Providers are able to deliver care at the time of need and receive fast, accurate payments.

Simplified payment operations

Faster and accurate payments

Payment solutions (financing)

No claims


Employers Provide Heroic Oral Healthcare

We use technology, and a new way of thinking, to make dental benefits easy to understand and more enjoyable for everyone, including the employer.

We believe your benefits should go toward treatment, not administrative costs and fees. Our platform introduces new financial programs that drive efficiency, highlight your employer contributions and lower your costs. The result is a better member experience with more dental dollars in their wallet.

  • Lower cost of benefits

  • Dynamic pricing for cost predictability

  • Employees that love their dental benefits

  • Employee retention

  • Employee benefit dollars going further

Our mission is simple–
We build healthcare tech that eliminates payment
complexities between patients and providers.



4,000 +

169,000 + 


Patients should be empowered by their dental benefits, not confused by them


Simplified payment processes allow providers to help patients be healthy and happy


Transparency and payment simplicity
leads to more trust


Providers should be enabled to treat patients, not limited by payment complexities

Untitled-5-Color copy.jpg

Employers want their employees' oral health benefits to be clear and easy to use


Patients who understand their benefits will use them to get the treatment they need


Cost and payment confusion should never stand in the way of timely treatment


Care is between patients and providers, so everything should support that relationship


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